As a child, Sheana used to be enthralled by the television programme “Travellers Tale” with Fyfe Robertson and unique microphone, plus fours and accent. One episode was from Peru and as a consequence, Sheana always harboured an ambition to visit there.  This autumn, as part of a group organised by G Adventures of Canada, Sheana fulfilled that ambition with a three-week tour of the country which included expeditions to the Andes, the rainforest and to a desert. Commencing in Lima stops included Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Paracas. Of particular interest were the Nazca Lines and a highlight was watching Condors in flight.  The vote of thanks was given by Alan Kirk who had also visited Peru. Both Sheana and Alan agreed that if you ever were inclined to visit Peru you should do it now before the country gets over commercialized.

Members thanked Sheana for her spellbinding talk.